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Star testing time is near. Star testing will start on Monday, April 29th and ends on Thursday, May 2nd. Star testing will follow the same schedule as last year. Mr. Maul offered this encouragement: “We only ask for your best, and for you to be here”. Additionally, Lincoln High School is piloting S.B.A.C. which means Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. Debbie Tofft, LHS technology teacher, stated that S.B.A.C. is a testing system “Completely revamped to change based on responses.” As S.B.A.C requires computers, these rooms will be used for S.B.A.C. Testing:
Room 1
Room 5
Library Lab
Mr. Tofft’s ROP
Mr. Jarrett’s ROP

Star Testing schedule:

Monday, April 29th – English Test
Tuesday, April 30th – Math Test
Wednesday, May 1st – Science Test
Tuesday, May 2nd – Life Science and Social Studies Tests

S.B.A.C schedule:

Tuesday, May 21st – 9th grade Language arts
Wednesday, May 22nd – 10th grade Math
Thursday, May 23rd – 11th grade Language arts

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