New Teacher Chris Wardlaw

By: Dawson Nichols, Reporter


Lincoln High School was joined by many new teachers this year, one of which being Chris Wardlaw located in Room 17. He teaches Biology and CSI.

When asked about his history, before coming to LHS, he summed it up as being, “from the Southwest… I grew up in El Paso, TX, and went to high school in Las Vegas, NV.” He has moved a lot in his life, also living in Phoenix and San Diego.

But what about all that time before he started at Lincoln High School? Wardlaw had “been teaching for 14 years at a small high school in San Juan Bautista, CA. It’s about 40 minutes south of San Jose.” He taught slightly different courses there including AP Calculus, AP Biology, and Algebra, while coaching varsity girls’ volleyball for 12 years at the same time.

Despite what most students think, teachers have families, hobbies, and goals and Wardlaw is no exception. In his spare time, he enjoys, “playing volleyball and swimming.” He also enjoys, “engaging in nerdy sci-fi stuff like role-playing games and collectible card games like Magic the Gathering.” Wardlaw went on to describe his favorite music, he listens to, “Beethoven, They Might Be Giants, and R.E.M.” An interesting and wide scope of musical tastes.

The Fighting Zebras welcome this new addition to the Lincoln High Staff.

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