Thursday’s Golden Eggs found!

Congratulations to tenth graders Jose Castillo, and Alex Sanabia for finding the golden eggs! Castillo chose the $15 Starbucks gift card and Sanabia was content with $15 to Subway.

Answers to the riddles:

Riddle 1:

If you need help and you don’t know what to do,

This is the place you should go to.

There you will smell the familiar scent

From the last city to which you went.

The golden egg for this riddle was hidden inside a prom centerpiece made by the floral club and Mrs. Edward’s on Mrs. Emerson’s desk.


Riddle 2:

Should you get behind in math

Be sure to take the straighter path,

Check anything you might have missed

‘Cause speaking Spanish brings a twist.

The golden egg for this riddle was hidden underneath the backside of a Spanish room portable between the Math a Spanish departments by the student parking lot.

Check back later to see the new riddles for tomorrow along with their prizes.


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