‘Pirates of Penzance’ Play Review

Do not miss out on this weekend’s final performances of Lincoln High School’s first musical in over 30 years, ‘The Pirates of Penzance. The high school’s drama teacher, Hank Florence, along with choir director Cindy Hagman, have come together to join their minds and their passions to prepare and present this musical comedy filled with dancing, singing, and lots of laughs.

Long time theater volunteer Lee Basham has once again designed and built separate sets and costumes for the musical along with important props, such as swords. Dawson Nichols (‘18), Karisa Kuffel (‘19), and Roman Borrelli (‘19), members of the band, and Carol Hutchinson, long time accompanist and  LHS office worker, have also volunteered their time and extraordinary talents to perform the accompaniment for the musical.

The musical comedy ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ is a story of a young man, Frederic, who is released from the Pirate King and his crew of pirates upon the completion of his 21st year as their apprentice. Relinquishing his pirate life, Frederic seeks to find and marry a woman other than the only one had ever known; his 47 year old nurse.

He soon comes upon the beautiful Mabel, a daughter of the very intelligent Major-General Stanley.  Frederick and Mabel fall instantly in love, but almost as abruptly, opposition comes between them. The Pirate King and the nurse Ruth have claimed to discover a paradox that will prevent Frederic from leaving behind his days of rum and smelly crewmates for his true love Mabel.

LHS Senior Kyle Nabb plays the role of Frederic, along with his fellow Senior Sarah Sheridan as Mabel. Both students have participated in choir and they have a love of music; however, participating in a musical-opera has presented a new test for Nabb and Sheridan.

Nabb said “the music is more operatic” which is “hard stylistically, especially for [him] personally” since the songs require him to sing in a higher range than he is used to.

For Sheridan, her vocal experience and study as a soprano have prepared her for this role. Nonetheless, she found her struggle to lie within the atmosphere of acting and performing in a musical. “The real challenge,” Sheridan said, “is balancing her [Mabel’s], femininity by means of grace with the enthusiasm and humor the play surrounds her with.”

But not to the surprise of Nabb’s and Sheridan’s peers, teachers and community, they and the rest of ‘The Pirates of Penzance cast have been met with awed and admiring crowds who have soaked up every word and detail of each performance.

The show was nearly sold out on opening night last Thursday, April 27, with similar numbers at every following performance. This weekend, starting on Thursday, May 4 at 7:00pm in the Lincoln High School theater, there will  be only four more showings. Thursday and Friday at 7:00pm and Saturday at 2:00pm and 7:00 pm. Regular admission is $8 a person or $5 for a student. Be sure to get there early for front row seats to this lively and interactive production!

If you are dying for more once the curtains have closed, be sure to come to the LHS Choir Spring Concert on Thursday May 18 at 7:00pm in the high school theater.    

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