Save the Date for Sadies!

Heads up Lincoln High School, leadership is making your dreams come true with next Fridays Sadie Hawkins dance on May 19. Mrs. Eutsey said “Leadership decided to have a Sadies dance because of the strong interest in the student body.” Girls, this is your chance to ask your crush out on a date. However everyone is welcome to go whether or not if they have a date. There is no need for gigantic, over-the-top proposals, but remember to treat your guy right for this special night. Prices start at $10 without ASB and $5 with ASB. Tickets will be sold starting Monday, the 15. This would be a good time to act ladies. Let your crush know how you feel.

Boys, try not to break any hearts. This evening would mean the world to them should you accept their proposal. Remember the dance will be casual and will begin at 8pm and end at 10pm.

Everyone come out to the sadies dance on May 19th for lots of fun before the year ends!



Written by Jessica McKeon and Shannon Loudon


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