Wellness Club Of Lincoln High School

Here to Serve You!

Wellness Club? What’s that? Lots of speculation has been going on. Wellness Club, is a new Club here at Lincoln High School that focuses on educating and spreading awareness of every aspect involved in your life.

Wellness Club recently had former LHS alumni, Raina Desha as a Guest Speaker, to talk about proper nutrition, and the positive change it can have on your life.

Wellness Club will be addressing Mental Health at their next meeting 8 December 2017. All are welcomed. The meeting is on Friday in Ms. Ward’s room #37. Feel free to even drop by to sign up for the schoology group to get weekly updates. And you can also get updates by following Wellness Club on Instagram @lhswellnessclub.

Photo of Raina Desha, alumni of LHS, and Sabrina Desha, Grade 12. Photo taken by: Ms. Ward

Zarco Miquel

Miguel Zarco is a student at Lincoln High School. He is 12 grade. His birthday is October 25, so send him gifts.

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