New Ordinance in Lincoln (coming soon)

On December 14th in the Lincoln High School Quad, a meeting was held in regards of an ordinance that is being placed on the topic of underage drinking and substance abusing as well as parental liability in providing substances. The Ordinance states that, if a parent or guardian hosts a gathering involving underage drinking, you may be fined up to 1,000 dollars.

As students of Lincoln High School gathered in the outdoor auditorium, and the news was there to capture it all, the guest speakers began to talk about the issue that is present in teens at this day and age.

Members of The Coalition for Auburn and Lincoln Youth, Lincoln’s Mayor, Peter Gilbert, Lincoln Police Chief Doug Lee, Police Officer Steve Krueger, Shanti Landon who works with the Placer County Board of Supervisors, Kris Wyatt a WPUSD School Board member; all took part in speaking about this new ordinance and their stances on it.

Wyatt has worked with Lincoln High School for 37 years and said “there were too many times, that we lost too many kids due to drinking and driving”. She expressed her frustration in parents roles with underage drinking and claimed, “I don’t care if they offer alcohol in their own home to their own kids, but if they offer to my child or anyone else’s child, than I have a real issue with that because it is not their right to do that”.

Landon is fully in support of this ordinance and she thinks “it is awesome that it gives law enforcement some tools to use in order to just add that extra layer of protection for kids and families”.

Both Wyatt and Landon thought it was great that we are getting the message out to students, because as Landon said, “if kids aren’t involved there is no ownership on their part, so if students kind of plug in and care about the issue then they are more likely to follow along. If it is more of a parent thing of a teacher thing, than students won’t follow along”.

The Ordinance is not in full effect yet, but it is on its way to. For more information you can contact the Coalition at (530)273-7956 or the school board at (916)645-6350.

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